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Want an easy way to install Kodi on your iOS devices?


Follow these steps and you'll have Kodi installed with just one click.

Step 1: Plug you iDevice to itunes and Retrieve your UDID

Step 2: Copy UDID
Step 3: Submit with your purchase order.

once processed we will send you a link to your app. The install will only work with the UDID provided and it will be good for one year.  We will always try to return process the order as fast as possible but please allow up to 48hrs.


Note*: KODI is FREE you are paying for programming and delivery. KODI IS FREE NOW AND WILL ALWAYS BE FREE. You may Jailbreak your device to install or Sideload on your own every 7 days with free developer account.

If you have more than 1 device most order 1 at a time.

Estimated Arrival: Between Jul 03 and Jul 16.

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