Multiple Google Drives

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Add Multiple Drives to Finder 

It has become a necessity to be able to access your files while on the go. Whether it's personal or for work, having access to the files you created and edited on your computer is, let's just say "Awesome"!

However,  sometimes when a computer has to be shared not everybody may have the ease or access to these files as the primary user. Let's say for instance, there are five users at any given time and you notice one person's google drive is directly linked to the computer and others can't be accessed unless you log out of the primary one.

This doesn't have to be the case if you follow these steps; everyone can have access to their files without having to log users in or out every time.

Setting up multiple accounts:

  1. Have Google Drive App already installed and setup on Mac.
  2. Log out of primary account on the browser.
  3. Log in to secondary account and create a new folder.
  4. Name the folder ("Name'S" Drive)
  5. Share Folder with Primary account and give edit rights.
  6. Sign-out of this account.
  7. Log in to primary account and go to Gmail
  8. Open Invitation to collaborate.
  9. When the Folder opens Select Open in Drive
  10. New Folder will be added to Primary's Google drive on browser and Finder
  11. Done.. Create, save, drag and drop files and you are done.
  12. Repeat process for other Drives.

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