Locking Folders on MAC

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Lock Your Folders

Would you like to learn how to lock a folder? What if you accidentally open up a folder when someone is standing next to you that you didn't intend for them to see? Maybe you have some "Classified" information or just naughty pictures or files you don't want people to have access to. Sure you can create separate accounts and remember to just lock your computer before you walk away, but then you won't be able to learn how to lock a folder!

Fortunately, MAC can do this for you! It isn't as simple as I'd like it to be, like having the option when I right-click on the folder, but it works for now.

In order to lock your folder what you need to do is the following:

  1. Open up Utility Disk
  2. Select File/New/New Image From Folder
  3. Select the Folder you wish to passcode protect and select Image 
  4. On the New window you can re-name the file if you'd like then select image format: read/write
  5. Under Encryption: select 128-bit encryption 
  6.  Press Save
  7. On the New window enter your Passcode
  8. Uncheck  Remember password in my keychain* if you don't do this it will open without prompting for a password.
  9. press OK
  10. Done a new Image Folder will appear on your desktop.
If you don't like the way the folder looks just change the icon to a regular finder folder or or icon type and you'll be all set.

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