Manually Install Addons

Posted by Ronald Ramirez on

Installers Do Fail


As you may have noticed, in time, Addon installers or sources tend to be taken down and as a result you are unable to download new or recommended addons.

In order to bypass these installers or sources, all you have to do is manually install your addons when these installers or sources are down:

  1. Go to your favorite Addon site
  2. Download the addons of interest
  3. Download files to downloads on computer and to XBMC folder you created under media using iFile
  4. Open KODI and navigate to Settings/Addons/Install from zip file/home folder/ downloads or/media/xbmc
  5. Select your files 
  6. pop-up on the bottom right should say items was installed
  7. Done, check under video/addons to make sure everything installed

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