How to watch Free Premium TV on your iPad

Posted by Ronald Ramirez on

Cable TV is slowly but surely coming to a grinding halt. I mean think about it why should we pay high monthly payments for a service that is bombarded with advertisements. Yet you can go online and get the same content with less or no ads and at a price-point of FREE. Lets look at our alternatives, as a free option we have XBMC as presented above which will gather all the websites and video feeds and put them together in one place. Then you have all the TV Network sites and then you have premium services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Itunes and so on. Even if you would to get any three of these services and pay a monthly or the yearly fee you would still be saving over $650.00 per year and get the same content, with less or no advertisements.

So why do so many people still pay for cable? because they simply don't know or think it might be a nuisance to do any other way. You know what, they might be right some of us have a higher tolerance and tech-savvyness to explore alternatives and connect devices in ways other didn't know was possible.

At the rate that our current technology is growing this will soon be a thing of the past and everyone will have access to these applications right on their Smart TVs without having to find creative ways to connect their computers, ipad, iphone or which ever media device.
Netflix App


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