How to Set Parental Controls on XBMC

Posted by Ronald Ramirez on

How to Set Parental Controls on XBMC for Mac and PC
Add parental controls to XBMC for your Mac and/or PC. Install from Fusion or follow the steps below.

1. Jailbreak your device
2. Navigate to Cydia
3. Search for and Install iFile
4. Navigate to Cydia/Manage/Sources
5. Click edit > add
6. Add source :
7. Install XBMC
8. Open Safari and Download Zip File
9. Open In iFile
10. Press Down on Downloaded file and select > Cut or Copy "your choice"
11. Navigate to Media and Click edit
12. Create a Folder called XBMC or XBMC plugins "your choice"
13. Open new folder pres down and paste
14. Open XBMC
15. Navigate to settings/add-ons/Install from zip file/Home folder/Media/"XBMC"
16. Select Zip File
17. Done

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