How to Replace Cable or Satellite Service with ATV 3 and XBMC

Posted by Ronald Ramirez on

Tired of Over Paying for Cable Services?

I don't know about you, but I got fed up of paying for a service that is ridiculously over priced. I mean, why should we pay over $100 per month for a service that is full of advertisements and channels you don't even watch?

I probably had about 15 favorite channels, each of which may have had one or two shows I liked to watch. I initially replaced my cable service with Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime, because they cost much less and for the most part, are free of advertisements.

XBMC really came into the picture after the recently released Mavericks update, because now I don't have to give up my Computers functionality due to screen mirroring. With the Mavericks OS you can now extend your computer monitor to your Apple TV 3, and still continue to use your computer like normal.

Now, in order to install XBMC, Download it and follow the instructions. Once you have installed it, make sure you add fusion source and add Navi-x and Mash2k3 repositories.

Installing Fusion Steps:

1. Navigate to System/File Manager "if you do not see file manager change your skin"
2. Click on Add Source "press down and hold if it does not open on first click"
3. Pop-up should come up click on Add Source
4. Enter Fusion as name of source
5. Replace with as path
6. Click OK
7. Exit to main screen
8. Navigate to System/Settings/Add-ons/Install from zip file/fusion
9. Explore and install all the latest plugins and repos.

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