How to Install Mashup on XBMC

Posted by Ronald Ramirez on

Install Mashup and experience XBMC in a new way. With Mashup you will quickly find everything you are looking for and if you are like me once you have XBMC setup the right way you will cancel you cable subscription and only keep a high-speed internet connection.


  1. Navigate to Systems/file manager check for xfinity installer
  2. if not installed select Add Source
  3. Path:, New Source:
  4. Name path Xfinity Installer
  5. Exit to home screen
  6. Navigate to Systems/settings/Add-ons
  7. Select install from Zip-file
  8. Select Xfinity Installer
  9. Open Repositories
  10. Select Mash2k3
  11. Exit to main screen and find it under Videos.

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