How to install 1channel plugin on XBMC; iPad

Posted by Ronald Ramirez on

      Manually Install 1Channel on Kodi following these steps:
  1. Jailbreak your device
  2. Navigate to Cydia
  3. Search for and Install iFile
  4. Navigate to Cydia/Manage/Sources
  5. click edit > add
  6. Add source :
  7. Install XBMC
  8. Open Safari and Download Zip File
  9. Open In iFile
  10. Press Down on Downloaded file and select > Cut or Copy "your choice"
  11. Navigate to Media and Click edit
  12. Create a Folder called XBMC or XBMC plugins "your choice"
  13. Open new folder pres down and paste
  14. Open XBMC
  15. Navigate to settings/add-ons/Install from zip file/Home folder/Media/"XBMC"
  16. Select Zip File
  17. Done

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