Factory Restore for KODI

Posted by Ronald Ramirez on

Have A Fresh Start 

If you have accidentally or unknowingly messed with KODI's files or add-ons, and are getting an error message on a simple task, or maybe something keeps malfunctioning, you may need to do a factory restore so that everything can go back to its original settings.

I had an issue with my RSS feed that wouldn't be fixed with reboots, fresh installs or even messing with the XML code. After using the Fresh Start add-on, my media center was restored and voila problem solved.

To install Fresh Start:
  1. Open KODI
  2. Navigate to System/File Manager/ Add-source
  3. Under path, enter
  4. Under name, enter Fusion
  5. Exit back out to main menu 
  6. Navigate to System/settings/Add-ons
  7. Select install From Zip
  8. Navigate to Fusion/Start here/ Plugin.program.freshstart
  9. After it is done installing exit to main menu
  10. Navigate to Programs/ Fresh Start
  11. When the process is done reboot KODI 
  12. Re-open KODi and done.

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