Extended Monitor Setup XBMC

Posted by Ronald Ramirez on

EXTEND XBMC AS A 3rd Monitor With Airplay

In a previous post I went over how to replace your cable TV with XBMC. I mistakenly assumed that everyone knew how to setup airplay and an extended monitor. In an effort to make up for my mistake I created this simple to follow tutorial.


  1. Verify your aTV-3 is on the same network as your Mac.
  2. Select Airplay button on top toolbar.
  3. Select your aTV-3 device.
  4. Click on the Airplay button again and make sure you have extend desktop selected.
  5. Open up mission control by swiping up or selecting mission control.
  6. Drag and drop XBMC over to your aTV-3 extended monitor.
  7. Enjoy your movies. :)

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