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KODI is a powerful Media Center but it wouldn't be what it is today without all the cool add-ons and plugins available to it's growing user base. Kodi allows you to enjoy your media in ways you never could with other media centers. Kodi is compatible with Mac, PC, iOS Android and even Linux.

By adding Addon-Installer you'll be able to access add-ons developed from around the world that will give you access to media and content from all over the world from live TV to HD movies.

To install Addon-Installer follow these steps:

  1. Open KODI
  2. Navigate to System/File Manager/ Add-source
  3. Under path, enter
  4. Under name, enter Fusion
  5. Exit back out to main menu 
  6. Navigate to System/settings/Add-ons
  7. Select install From Zip
  8. Navigate to Fusion/Start here/ Plugin.program.addoninstaller
  9. Once installed exit to main menu
  10. Navigate to Programs/addon-installer
  11. Browse and select add-ons you'd like.

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