Add and Change Fonts on XBMC

Posted by Ronald Ramirez on

How to Add and Change Fonts on XBMC from Your iPad
Make your entertainment system stand out on your iPad with a new font. Follow the steps below and enjoy the new look:

1. Download fonts file
2. Open it in iFile
3. Press and hold and select file, copy or cut.
4. Navigate to Preferences/XBMC/addons/
5. scroll down to S's and find the script. folder for the skin of your choice
6. Select fonts
7. Paste zip file
8. open zip file, select all files and cut all files
9. go back to fonts and paste all files
10. go back to files and open fonts.txt copy all text
11. Navigate out to the 1080i folder for the skin and find the fonts.xml file
12. Open file and navigate to the bottom and paste text right above
13. Open XBMC
14. Navigate to System/settings/appearance/skin/fonts
15. Select your font of choice

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