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Now that you have KODI installed on your favorite device let's get it setup for easy enjoyment. In the past we used to install add-ons manually  and or from platforms like add-on installer.

Luckily now you'll find that it is much easier to get all your add-ons and favorite skins by just installing a build that includes everything you'll ever need.

On This Guide we'll go over installing the Schism TV all-in-one Build.


Step 1: Install Kodi onto your platform

Step 2: Open Kodi and Navigate to Settings

Step 3: Navigate to File Manager

Step 4: Navigate to Add-Source

Step 5:  Add Source name it DIMI

Step 6: Exit back to Home Screen and Select Add-Ons

Step 7: Navigate to Add-ons Browser. (Top Left Box-Icon)

Step 8: Scroll Down to Install from Zip File and Select

Step 9: If you get unknown Source Pop-Up Select Settings.

Skip to 10 if you have no pop-up

9a. Switch Unknown Sources ON select yes on pop-up

9b. Unknown Sources Should be On.

10.  Go back to Install From Zip File and Select Added Source DIMI

11. Scroll to and select 

12. Wait for install 

13. Scroll and select My add-ons

14. Scroll and select Program add-ons

15.  Scroll and Select DimitrologyTV

16. Select Open

17. Scroll and Select Settings

18. Get Current Code  

19. Enter Current Code and select OK

20.  Select Install and Update

21. Scroll and Select Schism TV All in One

22.  Select Yes on The Alert

23. Wait for Install to finish

24. Exit Out of KODI

25.  Open Kodi and Select Settings

26. Scroll and Select Interface Settings

27. Swipe/Scroll to the right and select Skin

28. Select Skin of choice, we recommend Konfluence if you are starting out

29. DONE! you can return to home screen and enjoy your new skin. It come pre-packed with a ton of add-ons for you to enjoy.

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