Open Final Cut Pro After Updating to Yosemite

Posted by Ronald Ramirez on

This Version of this Software is Not Comparable

Many people rush to update to the latest and greatest and many even have this done automatically without thinking of how it will affect their work. Many times when certain patches or the operating system are updated the updates create conflicts with other software/ applications you may use on a frequent basis and if you aren't aware of it you may get a bit upset.

Fortunately software developers are usually notified quite in advance of the upcoming update and they will usually roll out an update along with that patch or new operating system to keep everyone happy.

So in most cases all you need to do is run an update and you'll be good to go. In the case of an outdated version of Final Cut Pro or Vm-ware, you may need to go to the package contents and open of the Mac OS folder and open the app via the terminal. This will get the app open but I can't promise it will work without any issues.

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